Thursday, June 25, 2009

What should I do with this red leather jacket and silver glove??

RIP Michael Jackson.
He was 50 years old.
I remember back in 1982 when Thriller was released. I WORE OUT the tape I listened to it so many times.
My neighbor Jerron had a grandmother who was a whiz with a needle and thread. She made him a red leather jacket and a glittery glove, just like Michael. We used to pop the tape into a boom box and he would practice his MJ moves on the front porch. he got pretty good. My moonwalk, however, looked as though I were wiping my feet on a doormat.
granted over the years he has gotten strange, wierd, eccentric...whatever you want to call it, however he was still amazing. He still had loyal fans. His music was still being played all over the world. He was and will always be a legend.
I am really kind of shocked and saddened.
My Favorite MJ Song: Man in the Mirror
My Favorite MJ video: Thriller
Jackson Memory: We did a Jr Jazzercise routine to Bad.
So the above album is how I will always choose to remember the great King of Pop.
RIP Michael, you will be missed.

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