Thursday, July 9, 2009

My New Toy

I have wanted a Cricut Cutter for quite some time.
Every time I walk into Michaels or A.C. Moore, I pass by the scrapbooking section, salivating over the personal cutter...then reeling back in horror at the tremendous pricetag.
I scour ads for coupons, only to realize in disappointment that they cannot be used on Cricut or Cricut products. blast.
Then last week, around the 4th of July, I walked into Michales with a sole purpose. To buy some Ribbon. what started out as a harmless 20$ adventure(MAX) turned into something 10 times as much.
As the glass doors of the craft retailer parted, there it was. Stacked in a beautiful pyramid, a light bathing it in a halo of wonder. A sign announced that the Cricut was on sale. And not just any sale 50% OFF!!! AND it came with a full font and basic shapes cartridge. PLUS all their other cartridges were 50% off!! Having just received a comission check AND a paycheck I felt obligated to stimulate the economy a little bit. And, as I told my husband, It was 50% off!! It was only 99 dollars!! Thats Less than 100!! I can do Christmas Cards!! I can scrapbook!! I can make cards!! Think of how much money we will save!! (trust me, I sold the heck out of this one)
All he said was " Thats fine, but thats your birthday present" (which is in 2 weeks, just an FYI)
Here is my New Cricut personal cutter:

I spent all day figuring out all the buttons and doo dads and rules and instructions. So after playing around, here are some cards I ended up with. I really love the cherry blossom cards(obviously. I made like 10 of them)

By the way...I completely walked out of Michaels without any ribbon.

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