Monday, July 13, 2009

Of course.

so I get up at 630 this morning to work out. I had it all planned out. I would wake up, come downstairs before my kids and do Pilates.
a few years back I purchased the Windsor Pilates off of some infomercial. I mean, Daisy Fuentes uses it and look how great her body is. However I used it about 5 times and shelved it to be forgotten.
I have been having lower back pain and heel pain and every night I go to bed and my legs are burning. I need a REALLY great stretch to loosen up to help alleviate all of these things.
I was actually looking forward to it. I really was.
I get dressed in my yoga pants and cute T-shirt, head downstairs and pull out my (dusty) Pilates DVD. I Open the case and one of the disks is missing.
I have Disk One, which is a 29 minute DVD on Pilates basics, showing you the moves etc.
I have the accelerated fat burning workout for those who dont have a lot of time. But the actual 20 minute workout DVD is gone. i cannot find it anywhere.
so I think to myself, well I can at least do the basics video, maybe get a few stretches in.
Oh no. Apparently that is not part of the plan. The basics DVD is all scratched and dented and the very center is cracked and broken.
So here I am, awake, trying to do the right thing by exercising and the fates are against me.
I thought I would go out and jump on the trampoline, but it had rained so it is all wet. Plus my kids are up and they would want to jump with me and I would get no peace.

Now that I am up maybe I will just go to the YMCA and work out.
I have about 9 weeks until I go to the Caribbean and am forced to snorkel in a swimsuit. If that is not motivation I dont know what is. But then I have to find my good workout shoes and socks, I have to find my MP3 Player, I have to get my water bottle blah blah blah.
I guess i am just finding excuses. But I really had it in my head to do some pilates.
I will have to run to Target today and pick up a new DVD.

Maybe I will just go back to bed...
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