Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lafayette, LA Day 2

So Saturday morning we met at a place called T-Coons for breakfast. It is called "zydeco cooking".
We had Beignets. Then i had a sweet Potato Pancake with pecans and a local syrup, which was a brown sugar and molasses concoction (called Steens). It was delicious.
We then went to the conference and with the Legers told our story, and thanked the coroners who "said yes".
I was crying, the Legers were crying, the coroners were crying. It was really a great experience. Hopefully this will be something they will remember when they are faced with organ donation possibilities.

We went to a place called Incredible Pizza for dinner.  It was kind of like a Cici's Pizza buffet mixed with a dave and busters/chuck e cheese.  They had bowling and mini golf and bumper cars and go carts and a zillion games. It was fun.

This morning we are meeting the Legers at Meches Donut King for some donuts and they are sending us home with a King Cake.  We are heading home this morning.
I am sad to leave. I always wish we could stay longer when we see them.
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