Friday, December 4, 2009

Lafayette, LA Day One.

Long Story Short: We are in Lafayette, Louisiana right now at an Organ Donation Collaborative.
Today we went to Lafayette General hospital and awarded them with a National Medal of Honor.
We did a little interview with several news stations, and this was the first story to air.

ugh stupid double chin. And Finn INSISTED on having that d*** balloon with him the whole time. I feel like I spent half the interview pushing it out of the way. he is lucky I didnt pop it...but I didnt want a meltdown of epic proportions on camera for the world to see.

After the meeting at the hospital we went out to Lunch at Prejeans  we had fried Crawfish(yum), Frog Legs (it DOES taste like chicken) and Alligator. It was delicious. A very cajun meal, complete with Boudin balls, etouffe, and gumbo.

We finished off the night going Bowling. It was so much fun and the boys LOVED it.  We stopped off at Whattaburger on the way back to the hotel.

right now it is snowing and sleeting outside. Tomorrow morning we are meeting everyone for breakfast and heading over to the collaborative.

a busy, emotional day today but I am so glad we are here doing this.
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