Monday, October 14, 2013

Man I love these photogenic cats.

I wouldnt call myself a CRAZY cat lady.  But then again I do take tons of photos of them on  a quite regular basis. They are just so sweet and photogenic.  I think they like it. So really, I am just doing what they WANT me to do...right?

Anyways, here are my babies.

Tired Skittles (He rolled himself up in that sheet.)

Big Boy skittles

Rustys body with Skittles face...

sweeeeeeet Rusty. (Rusters is the besters)

my "favorite" Skittles (shh, dont tell the others)

And Rusty (Rusters):

 Yep, thats all I could get from him the other day. He was not in the mood to smile.

And now onto our newest addition...Sir Joseph Blue. His mom was a black ragdoll type cat and his dad is (the dads vet thinks) part African Savannah Cat.  We named him joseph after the Paul Simon Song "Under African Skies"
Joseph's face was black as night 
The pale yellow moon shone in his eyes 
His path was marked 
By the stars in the southern hemisphere 
And he walked his days 
Under African skies 
This is the story of how we begin to remember 
This is the powerful pulsing of love in the vein 
After the dream of falling and calling your name out 
These are the roots of rhythm 
And the roots of rhythm remain 

The blue comes from the color collar his family gave him to distinguish him from the other kittens.  So his name was Blue when we got him...we added Joseph in front of it.  So, Sir Joseph Blue....His fur is not quite black, but he appears black until he is in the sun and you can see what color he really is.  His pale yellow eyes are beautiful, and then he has those big cupped ears that are almost too big for his little head.
 He rules this roost, let me tell you.  He has Charles wrapped around his sweet little paw.  He is a snuggler, has THE LOUDEST PURR and makes biscuits on you like crazy.  He is just one sweet cat.
just hanging around the curtains

enjoying a sunbeam at the front door

you can see the spots and mottling of his fur color in the sun.

I told him a funny joke...


dont you love that sweet squishy face??

in my face

 I just LOVE these babies. I cant stand it.

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