Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The cruise- Saturday and Sunday

We left Saturday, September 12th for our cruise. Here is us at the Charlotte airport, awaiting the departure of our flight. This was also our 12th anniversary. We flew into Ft Lauderdale,a day ahead of time, as it was much cheaper. Outside there was this brown lizard who was hanging out, and obviously had no fear of humans. I could get right up to him and he wouldnt move. The rest of Charles family were staying in Lauderdale as well and we all had fun at the Wyndham resort. They had 2 really nice pools, a hot tub, and mini golf. We had fun at all three.
Sunday morning rolls around and we pile in and head to the Port of Miami to our Ship, the Carnival Valor. We get on board and get settled. Here is Charles showing off his velveeta smile for the camera:
We walked around the ship and took pictures of Miami, the ship, each other etc. We didnt depart Miami until 4pm.

This is me and my Brother in Law Daniel. We met up with everyone at the diner and got something to eat. Everyone was just so excited to be on the ship and that everything had finally begun.

That night we went out to Karaoke. It was fun, but there were a few Karaoke jerkwads that made it not fun at times.(thats another post. I will tell you all about Martha and Todd) Here are Daniel singing Tainted Love and Jon David singing Every Rose has Its Thorn.

And here I am singing Walk Like and Egyptian. Sorry, it isnt that great. but it was fun. I am really uncomfortable at Karaoke, so I fidget and play with the microphone cord a lot. Dont you know the camera adds like 30 pounds, right??

So that was Day 0 and Day 1.
more to come.

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