Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 2- fun day at sea

Monday was our Fun day at Sea. We started out with a walk around the deck and then went around to various activities. Here we are in the early morning, enjoying the fresh sea air and sunshine.

Our First order of the day: Trivia contest. We met in the Lindy Hop Lounge.

The outcome....

...are you really that surprised?? 1st place. 14 karat plastic ship on a stick trophy. My boys think it is the coolest. i got all the answers correct. I would have shared it with charles(as he was the closest competitor score wise) if he had known what the currency of India was. but he didn't. So the Trophy was mine.

Later on we went to Winstons Cigar Lounge for Ultimate trivia and were put on a team with 2 men and another woman.

Yep. 1st place again. We got the medals to prove it, too. Again the boys think they are pretty cool and are now playing Olympics with them. Apparently Transformers and Star Wars fighting on the Trampoline is a new Olympic event.

Later that afternoon was the anniversary party for Jon and Dee. We had it in the Lindy Hop Lounge. (this was a popular place for us)We had the Chips with salsa, guacamole and cheese dip. It was delicious. Then we had THIS cake, which was FABULOUS!! People were having a hard time keeping their fingers out of it.

Over the past month we have been finding all the baby pictures, growing up pictures etc. We have been scanning them and sending them to Charles older brother Robert, who compiled them all into a video. It was basically a 50 year retrospective of their life, their kids, grandkids etc. It was set to different music for each family and it was really well done. Robert spent a lot of time on it and Dee needed a box of kleenex. Jon excused himself to "go to the bathroom". It was very touching. There were gifts etc from everyone and all in all we had a great time.

That was the first Formal night as well. Lobster and Prime rib. YUM! This is charles and I in the lounge all gussied up.

And here is one of the beautiful sunsets from the dining room.

Later that night we were going to Karaoke, but it was too full of THOSE people (karaoke hogs) so we went back to the Lindy Hop bar with a piano sing along and "Larry". He could play just about any song requested, lots of Billy Joel and Elton John, easy listening etc. we sat around the round piano table and sang and had a good time. At first there was no one in there. Then we got in and started singing and having a good time and next thing we know it is packed. We made a loud announcement that the piano table was now free and it was close to the tip jar. so we got up and new people went to sit down and put money in his jar and fill it up. Larry was really talented.

So day 2 was fun. We went to bed a little later than I would have liked, but we got enough sleep for the next day which was Grand Cayman.
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