Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well...I'm back

SO here I am, back to reality. I have no waiter to serve me shrimp cocktails. i have no room steward to keep my bed made and make me cute little towel animals.
I have no announcements every 20 minutes from Gary, my cruise director informing me of what will be happening on the ship later on.
I have no one saying "hi how are you" every time I walk out of my room.
I have no 24 hour pizza buffet. No adult pool. No waterslide, ice cream machine, juggler, comedian, theater or bingo machine.
I can not look out my window and see the pristine blue waters of the caribbean, or listen to a steel drum band play hot hot hot 37 times a day. There is no "Larry" at the Lindy Hop bar.
There are no Karaoke douchbags to irritate me, no teenagers dressing like complete sluts and no Mormon girls who apparently think that when you are on a cruise your morals are on vacation.

I have my house. I have my dog(who apparently at the kennel was eating food that did not agree with his stomach as he has been passing gas ALL DAY AND NIGHT), and I have two kids who are right back to being their "sweet" and "charming" selves.
I came home with 43 pounds of laundry (not lying, thats how much my bag weighed at the airport) and an urge to not go back to school. I am so tired I just want to curl up and sleep.

But it is back to Life and back to reality and back to my real world of daily grind, chores etc.
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