Friday, September 11, 2009

worlds worst mother...ME

What a lazy slug am I??
My kids started school waaaaaaaaaayyyyy back in August. I have had these First Day of School photos sitting in my camera for almost 3 weeks now. what a terrible mom I am, not documenting this until now.( I am not going to lie...The only reason they got downloaded into the computer is because i was clearing my memory card for our trip tomorrow.)
Why did this take me so long? What is wrong with me?
I feel like the worlds worst mother. So here we are, without further ado:

Here is Peter, starting 3rd grade. 9 years old and knows everything already. Oh and apparently I embarass him when i hug and kiss on him in public now.Sigh, only 7am and he already has something dribbled down the front. Why is it so hard to keep them clean??
Here's finn, the big bad 1st grader. He isnt as "mom you're embarassing me" as Peter, and even has moments of spontaneous affection in Public. Ohhh look. He has yoghurt on his brand new shirt. Surprise surprise.

And here is Jake, missing his boys. He has been moping around and when they get home it is an all out love and lick fest. Do you Love the 1972 rust "cobblestone-esque" vinyl flooring?. We pulled up the carpet this summer and found this underneath. We want to put in hardwoods to match the rest of the house. So until that gets done this flooring is what I am stuck with.Oh look, jake even has pine sap spots on his fur - i wonder if he did it to match the boys shirts?

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