Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 3: Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam and Reserve

After our successful trip to Bryce, we awoke in Hatch UT. We stayed at Hatch Station, a small series of cabins, all with 2 beds, a small bathroom and TV.  Nothing super fancy, but clean, comfy and next to a super mom and pop Galaxy Diner. After breakfast we headed out to Page Arizona and Lake Powell/Glen Canyon Reserve.

  On the way we saw a TON of old Ford Model T's heading up towards Bryce, and discovered it was a Model T convention/international club that had held its annual meeting in Kanab UT.  It was really cool to see all those old cars out on the road, all heading out. Just glad I wasnt one of the drivers stuck behind them, though. They didnt look like they were going very fast...

 We had decided to spend the day in Lake Powell.  This was something I have always wanted to do.  Now seeing as we had no extra money to rent a boat, I wasnt sure if we wanted to just find a beach, or if we wanted to take a boat tour.  I had thought about doing Antelope Canyon,  but hadnt gotten around to scheduling that either.  This was just kind of a "Lets just see what happens" type of day.  Well, that kind of sucked and was a huge mistake.

We started out at The marina.  Werent Sure where to go, what to do.  We looked into a boat tour. Decided that we didnt want to fight the 5000000000 tourists all signing up to go.  Decided to go BACK to the beach. (wasted like 3 hours trying to figure out what the heck we were going to do for the day).

Decided on the beach at Lone Rock on the Utah Side of Lake Powell.  Drove up and realized the parking lot was like 1/2 mile from the actual beach and that it required quite a hike in the HOT sun.  We saw a bunch of cars down closer on the beach area and saw cars driving down closer, so we decided to take a stab at it too. (And by we, I mean I henpecked my hubby to do it).  We  take the wrong path. We IMMEDIATELY get stuck in the sand with no way to go forward or back. Im crying, Charles is fuming, the kids are scared.
So I make Charles take the kids down to the beach and I call roadside assistance and wait for a tow. Almost 90 minutes I waited.  I waited while trucks sped by without a care in the world, or without asking if I needed help.  Finally A truck of nice men pull up and say "Hey, you stuck?" (really?? What does it look like).  So I say yes but I am waiting for my tow truck.  They say they can pull me out for free, they have already pulled out 5 people today.   I thank them, but my tow truck JUST pulled in.   So I waited almost an hour and a half for a 2 minute pull out,. It was kind of ridiculous.  So I park in the parking lot, and then walk down to the beach.  The water was clear and cool. It was so refreshing.  I just kind of floated and cried.
At the end of the day we are sunburned and grouchy and hungry and tired.  We hike ALL THE WAY BACK UP TO THE CAR and head to the hotel.  We find an amazing pizza place for dinner and chow down. (Canyon King Pizzaria) Now I dont know if it was amazing because we were starving, or if it was amazing because it was really tasty. I say a little of both.  We then get caught in a massive rain/lightning storm on the way back to the hotel
.  Honestly I think I went to bed at like 830 that night.  I was SO TIRED.

YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DONT PLAN?? All hell breaks loose and I have a crappy time.
Next time I go to Lake Powell, I am renting a boat and I am NOT driving in the sand.

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