Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 7 part I : Wilson Arch

Day 7.  halfway through our AMAZING vacation. This was the day we were to go to the family reunion in Monticello UT. We didn't have to be at the Bed and Breakfast until 7pm, so we got an early start and headed out towards Moab, UT and Arches National Park.
While we were in Cortez, CO we met a nice family in the pool/hot tub at the hotel.  They told us about Wilson Arch, just outside of Arches. It was a "do not miss".  SO GLAD WE LISTENED!
As you are driving towards Moab, it is on the right hand side. Just a gorgeous giant arch off the side of the road.  You can climb it and chill for awhile. It was kind of a difficult hike to the base of the arch, especially with Peter and his mobility issues.  But he did a great job with help, and the boys got their first taste of Arch Country. We spent over an hour here exploring and hiking the arch.
WIlson Arch

Peter heading up

Almost There

Made it to the base!

Me and my boys 

Charles and the boys

Me Charles and Peter. Photo courtesy of Finn.

Me and CHarles (Thanks Finn!)

View from under the arch

You can see the parking lot and how high we climbed

Under the arch

heading back down

Also on the way to arches is CHURCH ROCK.

Other formations:

Looks like the start of an about a million years

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