Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 6- Four Corners and Mesa Verde

We started our day with an easy Drive up towards Cortez, CO on the way to Mesa Verde National Park.  We stopped off at the Four Corners National Monument before hitting MV.  It is on Native land, so it is a 3$ charge per person to enter. They have a nice memorial and set up. It is where the corners of four states meet: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.  You can stand in 4 states at one time...AT...ONE...TIME!  Silly, but it is something that I have always wanted to do.  Now I can say that I have done it. To be honest, it was cool, but a once only type visit.  It took about an hour.
Me and Peter playing twister in 4 states

Finn using his head in New Mexico

Eating Navajo Tacos in 4 states.

After our little stopoff we headed out to Mesa Verde.  I was SOOOOO excited for this.  WHen I was a teenager, we went on a cross-country vacation. We were supposed to stop at Mesa Verde. Unfortunately, I got an ear infection in Durango and spent the morning at a clinic and we werent able to go.  Then about 10 years ago we had a familly reunion in Mesa Verde...I was 8 months pregnant with Finn (so you can guess what happened. I wasnt able to go).  So finally, I threatened both children and husband under penalty of death against getting sick, maimed, mutilated, pregnant etc. I WAS going to Mesa Verde, come Hell or Highwater.
I can now FINALLY cross Mesa Verde off my bucket list.
i REALLY liked Mesa Verde. A LOT.  It was an amazing experience to be able to see some of these ruins, and to be able to walk around among them.

Our first stop was the Self Guided tour of the Spruce Tree House. It is about a mile loop that takes you down into the best preserved of the cliff dwellings. They are 90% original, with only about 10% being reconstructed or restored.

Kiva (Ceremonial Room)

Finn in the kiva

Finn climbing down into the Kiva

Our Next stop was the Cliff Palace Tour. This requires a tour ticket (3$ each). It is a strenuous hike and requires the climbing of 5 or 6 ten foot ladders. It is not recommended for people with health issues or mobility issues or handicaps. Due to these restrictions and Peters issues we were unable to take the tour.  Fortunately for us there are plenty of overlooks and view points. Thank goodness for a telephoto lens!!

what it looked like when originally discovered...

We spent the rest of the afternoon viewing various overlooks and stopped off at other ruins/points of interest.

These are hand and toe holds the pueblo Indians chiseled into the rock to climb from one level to another.

Mesa Verde was HUGE.  Next time It will need to be just Charles and I and we will need to have about 2 days to take the tours and everything we really want to do. This was just scratching the surface of all the MV had to offer. I Loved it though. So glad I finally made it!!
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