Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 4(part I): Glen Canyon Dam and bridge

So after the miserable day 3 we had at Lake powell, I really needed it to redeem itself. I really needed to redeem MYSELF as well. I awoke bright and early, and formulated a plan.
We decided to drive down to the dam and bridge for photos. Then head over to Upper Antelope Canyon, which is what Charles and I really wanted to do all along.

I think I was so bummed out about Lake Powell because when you see it and how beautiful it is and big and all tht water, you know you really just need to rent a boat.  If I had ANY IDEA how amazing that could be I think I would have worked a little harder to save an extra 300 bucks to rent a boat.

However, out morning photo shoot and then Antelope Canyon completely revitalized my spirits and redeemed Lake Powell.  Now I know what I need to do my next vacation there.

We started out at the visitors center for the dam and walked along the bridge.

 This is the bridge. It was walkways on either side you can hike along,  It was kind of cool, thrilling and a little dizzying all at the same time.
 The Glen Canyon Dam.

more views of lake powell
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