Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 5 Part I Sedona Arizona

Woke up in Flagstaff to a drizzly day.  We headed out after breakfast and decided to make a quick run through Sedona.  I had been there before, but Charles hadnt.  It was only 30 miles there, (but south and out of the way) but I really wanted to drive through Oak Creek Canyon and for him to see it.  I Love Sedona, the quaint little artsy town, and the red rocks are hypnotizing.

We drove on 89A, a super winding, hairpin turn route that took us through Oak Creek Canyon. It was a thrilling, grip-the-steering-wheel-and pray type road. It took us through breathtaking mountains and into Sedona.
ALL photos were taken through the car window. It was really rainy and kind of gross outside to start the day.

We get into Sedona and just do a quick drove through. We didnt really stop, just took pictures.  Like I said it was a quickie side trip just so Charles could get a look. Next trip we will spend more time.
Yes that IS a McDonalds.  the golden arches are Green here. cool huh?

When we were done, we turned around and drove right back the way we had come, back through the canyon, back through the twisty hairpin turns of death and back to Flagstaff.  Next Stop Walnut Canyon National Monument.
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