Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Heart Disease Doesn't Care What You Wear–It's the #1 Killer of Women."

Friday February 6th is NATIONAL WEAR RED DAY.
Everyone can participate to help spread the word. Wear you favorite red tie, shirt, dress, socks...anything. Bring awareness to Heart Disease, the #1 killer of women. So be loud, be proud and wear your red!! Dont let Heart Disease rear its ugly head. Learn more at The American Heart Association.

\So like last years post, i am adding a few things and little accessories and doo dads from etsy...all int he spirit of National Wear Red Day. These are my list of must have's to celebrate a Day of Red in style.
This GORGEOUS red wrap dress with obi style sash.
It is from BlackRabbitNYC. How Beautiful is that?
In a few months after I lose more of my joey pouch I would totally buy that and wear it every day. So this stylish dress teaches us to exercise so we can wear it and not show the world all our junk.

These wonderful Halo earrings are from EmilyGrayJewels.
so beautiful and refined and classy, yet modern at the same time.
It looks like ear candy doesnt it?? So these earrings tell us it is OK to wear candy, just not eat too much of it.

This is a set of 2 crochet heart shape face scrubbies.
Courtesy of Mattscraftywife.
cotton thread in a bold red color reminds us to take care of our tickers as we are washing our face!

This super adorable dress comes from Cinderellascache.
Never to young to start teaching kids the importance of healthy heart care. Those ribbons tied at the shoulders are adorable! And that little fabric heart...perfect!

How cute are these zombie Mary janes?? EmandSprout
created these bad boys to scare us into walking faster to get that ticker pumping!

Yes, the Marie Antoinette Hair Feathers. She didnt die of heart disease(sadly that may have been the better alternative for her). so these red feathers remind us to keep our head(get it) and be smart about Heart Health. (Sheesh I am STOOPID sometimes. ) But seriously, the feathers are awesome.These are from royalcostumes

And Last but not least, my personal favorite. RED VELVET CAKE!!! granted, this may not be the most heart healthy snack or treat, but it is DARN TASTY I bet. All that red velvety goodness packed into a jar and delivered right to your house. Thanks to cupcakesinjars! The red cake reminds us that a little treat is Ok and that with diet and exercise, everything is good in moderation. These little jar sized cupcakes are the perfect moderation for me!!
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