Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am taking a personal day

So this morning I woke up with a super throbbing headache.
I know I slept decently, yet feel as if i barely got any.
I looked around my house and realized how messy and cluttered it is.
Laundry, although washed, has to be folded and put away.(the bane of my existence)
I have to make sugar cookies for activity day girls for tonight.
I have to pay bills and get other things done, like putting the bins of Christmas decorations back under the house that have been sitting in my da** family room for almost 3 weeks now, waiting for CHARLES to put them away. (oh and as i type he is outside opening the crawldoor to under the house. HE IS PUTTING THEM AWAY FINALLY!!! Maybe he has "mad wife ESP" or maybe he knew I was going to blog about him not putting away the bins and decided to get to it.)
I have to try and find someone to watch my boys after school one or two days a week and I am just kind of overwhelmed.
I am just not feeling pincurls and roller sets today. AT ALL.

So I am calling in sick to school and getting everything done that I SHOULD have gotten done this weekend...but didnt.
I hate doing it, that way, but feel as if I have no choice.

and maybe a little nap on the side wouldnt hurt either. Maybe if I can get even a few things crossed off my list I wont be so stressed out.

serenity now.
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