Monday, February 9, 2009

A Redneck Segway

A few days ago someone in the neighborhood put a green plastic lawnchair out on their curb to be picked up by the trash men. Now there was nothing wrong with this chair, I guess they decided they didnt want it anymore. In fact it was one of those things that charles asked "want a green plastic lawn chair for the porch?"(yes he is a trashpicker) We decided against said green chair and went on our merry way.

Enter two neighborhood youths and a pair of skateboards.

If you go all the way down our street and turn right there is a hill that goes down and winds around. As Charles and the kids and I were heading out yesterday, we were making the turn and saw two kids, about 12 or 13 years old, with this chair. They had the right two legs balanced on one skateboard and the two left legs balanced on another skateboard. The bigger of the kids was obviously trying to talk the scrawnier one into sitting on the chair and rolling down the hill.
As we passed Charles kind of slowed down and stopped and wanted to see this disaster in action. Unfortunately there was someone behind us and there wasnt any room for them to go around.
So we kind of watched in our rearview mirror as the scrawny kid sat in the chair and the bigger of the two was the "pilot" and they made a slow practice run down the hill.
We laughed and wished we had a video camera.

As we were driving back from the Y this morning we passed the house with the green lawnchair sitting out on the curb. This chair was busted and cracked all the way through and scuffed, like it had been dragged under a bus. i am thinking the two skateboard enthusiasts have since learned their lesson and will no longer be chair boarding down this hill.

There are days i wish I had a time machine and could transport myself back with a video camera and hide in the bushes and watch these two and their brilliant idea.

sad thing is I probably would have thought to do the same thing when I was younger too.
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