Sunday, January 27, 2008

I want my NBC!

Get Fuzzy is Copyrighted. Artist: Darby Conley (freaking hilarious Darby Conley)

So my television viewing pleasure has been completely destroyed by this writers strike.
All of my very favorite television shows only have 1 or 2 episodes left, or have already exhausted their run until this strike is settled.
What the hell am I supposed to do now?? Pay attention to my kids?? Clean my House?? Cook Dinner?? Sheesh. Darn writers!! Make me actually have a life and be productive. Just who do they think they are?? I am left with reality TV (Project Runway, American Idol, Ghost Hunters, The Soup and Best Week Ever) which really isnt so bad. I can always watch the BBC America. At least their programs arent affected by our disgruntled sitcom writers.

Networks, just give the writers what they want. All this family togetherness is pushing me over the edge! And for the love of all that is good and holy, STOP putting on pilot episodes of crappy shows that you knew would never go anywhere in the first place. You are just embarassing yourselves. And writers, be willing to give a little in return. By the time this strike is over Americans will have forgotten what TV is and you will be out of a job!!
So in memoriam of my favorites, here are some etsy finds that I enjoy in their Place.

HOUSE: not exactly the pithy, mean spirited casuting Gregory House from Fox-TV but this sparkly little ACEO of a house makes me remember the good times.

Bones. (Get it skull and crossbones). Dr Brennan and Agent Booth keep me on the edge of my seat everyweek. So in their honor I present these "Bone-i-fied" baby booties from

I am not embarassed to admit that I Love FamilyGuy. Brian the dog and Stewie the devil man-child crack me up. "So uh, Brian, hows that novel coming along for you??hmmmm?"

so in homage to Family Guy and all that is hilarious and sacreligous at the same time here is Brian the Dog from

30 Rock my be one of the most HILARIOUS shows ever to hit television. Alec Baldwin and Tracey Morgan and Tina Fey make me laugh every Thursday night. Now this was the closest I could find to rocks, but I think it is awesome!

On Friday nights, I like to unwind with a little Ghost Whisperer. I am so glad I found this artist on etsy. She is amazing.

A wonderful reminder of one of my favorite shows!

Thursday nights, The Office. It is my very favorite show all week. Dont get me wrong, I dont mind watching reruns, but I NEED some more Dwight! This painting of Stanley really cracked me up. His tired smirky expression was just perfect. He just looks so used and abused and tired of Michael Scott.

Elloh has the whole cast on canvas!
Oh The Office, how I miss you.

My newest show to premier this season was Pushing Daisies. I thought it was so original and cute and I just love the tension between Chuck and the Pie Maker. Olive Snook thrown into the mix makes this wacky and zany show much missed in my home.

Thanks to for bringing a little daisy into my life!

Do I REALLY have to make the disclaimer that television does not consume my life?? Yes I watch a lot of TV, but only after housework, dinner, and kids are in bed. Thank goodness for DVR!! So no hate mail please.
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