Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saving the World Made Simple

My 4 1/2 year old son, Chuckleberry Finn, is OBSESSED with Superheroes right now. He lives, breathes, sleeps and eats superheroes. Spiderman. Batman. Wolverine. Superman. It doesnt matter. If they fly, or fight the bad guys, they rock his little world. If they are 20 foot tall autobots, made of metal and transform with a cool "tsch tsch tsch" sound, he is tickled pink.
I fully expect to see him on season 28 of the Sci Fi Channels "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" with Cyborg Stan Lee. "I'm Superfinn!"

For Christmas this year, my Aunt Carol got him A Klutz Chicken Socks Book. "The Superhero Starter Kit. Saving the World Made Simple" It contains a shiny red cape. It also contains several punch out masks that you can wear to protect your secret identity, and It even comes with a couple of sets of superhero bracelets and stickers as the insignias.

Inside the book there are tips on how to run and jump so your cape flies the best. (jumping off the couch works the best). It shows the cape in action: spinning, hiding, swinging, running, jumping, falling etc.

There is a section on how to pick your superhero name . Basically take a really great adjective, such as Super, marverlous, fantastic, doctor, a color etc and pair it with something else. i.e. your first or middle name, fave food, your pet, an insect...whatever you can think of. So he is SUPERFINN!
There are Super Hero Do's (Stand up straight. No one trusts a sloppy hero)
And there are Super Hero Don'ts (Dont sneeze into you cape. It's just gross)
Then at the end of the book is your very own superhero ID card to fill out.

Just a CUTE book and the perfect gift for my OCD child with the overactive imagination.

Well , Finny Foo has been in superhero Nirvana. We put on the silky cape, cut out and strung up a mask to protect his secret identity and put on the matching cuffs and emblem. He whizzes around the house arm extended, singing his theme song, cape trailing and fluttering expertly behind him. What makes it even better is when he is just wearing his spiderman underwear and his cape and mask. I awoke the other morning and came downstairs. SuperFinn was sitting on the couch in his spiderman pajamas, decked out in full regalia and watching (you guessed it) Spiderman.
This was seriously the best gift he has ever received. Here is Superfinn all decked out:

(he was mid-pose in this picture. Usually his Left arm is curled up and his right arm is extended for better aerodynamics)

My favorite thing is to see him skulking around the house looking for injustice to correct, and wrongs to right.

The other morning he came up to me, cape draped spectacularly, mask on perfectly, cuffs gleaming and asked in all seriousness "You need a problem?"

Im so proud.
Just a side note: My Sons name is Charles Finn. We call him Finn. But many other times we call him chuckleberry Finn, Finny Foo, Finny, get the idea.
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