Sunday, January 20, 2008

sometimes I feel like Calvin's Mom.

Calvin and Hobbes is Copyrighted. Artist: Bill Watterson

Do I really have to say more??? This is (SERIOUSLY) a daily occurence at my house and I dont know why I even bother cooking. I saw this cartoon and I really felt a connection with this paper and ink character. It's like Bill was in my head when he drew this!!

The faces on the Snowmen are the EXACT same faces and retching I get when I say, "Hey we are having Chicken and Wild Rice tonight!" or "Hey, we are having ___________(insert any food that is not pizza, spaghetti or McDonalds) tonight!" GAH!
(I mentioned the word Salmon this morning as I was taking it out of the freezer. You would think that I had taken away all their Transformers and dumped them into the garbage! "NOOOOOO! Not THAT!" )

I decided to nip this bad behaviour in the bud. I watched Dr Phil about this exact problem. So now, if they dont eat, they go to bed hungry. There is nothing else to eat or drink. Slowly they are coming around. i can get a good meal into them about every 3rd day.

How do I tell them we are having Pork Loin tomorrow night?? (I'm the meanest mom in the world!)

I did LOVE this set of plates by etsy seller Petekguven. ( Maybe if I had this set of funky plates I could get my kids to eat better!

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