Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I WILL be crafty this week!

So I have a joyful find at the fabric store this week. This little beauty to the left. A crisp white cotton with beautiful turquoise blooms and brown stems and leaves. Very cool, yet almost retro looking, My gandmother had fabric kind of like this back in the 70's. She had a pillow made of something fairly similar as I recall.
I was at my local fabric store, taking advantage of the 50% off quilting fabrics when I stumpled across this sweet little guy sitting in the remnants pile. How no one had bought him in the past 6 months is beyond me. There is a full yard and a half + of this remnant. So his original starting price was $10.99. Then he was reduced to $7.99. Then slashed again some time later to $4.99.
Yesterday, when I snatched him from his life of lonliness, he was reduced to a pitiful 1.29.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? $1.29 for this gorgeous piece of fabric?? I picked him up, dusted him off, gave him a hug and a squeeze, and named him "Old Blue".
He is now sitting in my pile of fabrics, happy and content with his millions of brothers and sisters, all contemplating when exactly they will be used to their full potential, instead of sitting around in their bins screaming "pick me! pick me!" everytime I walk by..
I have decided to use Old Blue first. This week my goal is to make Old Blue into something useful and beautiful-A simple totebag. A large sac base with two sturdy handles. Something I can take to the market, take to church, the beach or the pool. I am very much looking forward to carrying Old Blue around with me wherever I go. He makes me happy. His blooms never wilt, and he is always glad to see me.
So my goal: I WILL be crafty this week. I WILL use Old Blue for something useful so I have less mouths to feed in my fabric drawer. Too bad I cant claim Child Tax credits for all my babies!
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