Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Joy of Cross Dressing...I mean Stitching. The Joy of Cross Stitching!

When I was 11 years old I went to Girls Camp for Church. Daily, we swam in the lake, went hiking, learned surivial skills and even had arts and crafts time.
During this period I learned how to Cross Stitch. My friend mom was up there for a few days as a leader and was in charge of the Cross Stitch and needlework. She was very patient in explaining to me the basics and then sent me on my way. It started very Simple. A square. A parallelogram. A heart. within a few days I had a little house that said "Home is Where the Heart Is". I gave it to my leader as a thank you. She seemed genuinely pleased with it. When I got hom I told my mom I learned to Cross Stitch. She took me out to buy me Aida Cloth and some DMC thread. She pulled out some old xerox copies of Cross stitch stuff she had, a few old books that were falling apart and let me go to town. I made my Grandmother an Ornament with her Initial on it. I made a candy jar cover. I made a bookmark. I made my other grandmother a bird picture which she kept up in her living room.
Eventually I moved on to bigger and better things, more difficult projects. Every Christmas I used to make my parents a Cross Stitch. Eventually they ran out of room to put them all, so I quit making them. They have a pillow on their bed, several on their walls and even a few nautical themed ones in their beachhouse. As I have gotten married and had children I have made them each little pillows or pictures and have made them for friends who have had babies.

I just love Cross Stitch. I love the ease and the methodical counting and the repetitive motion. I love how little X's in random places can turn into a beautiful picture.

I recently went through my closet in the craft room and found my giant Cross Stitch Tote with all my DMC threads(I have every color ever produced), the 30 pounds of cross stitch phamplets and books and patterns and the stash of Aida cloth in every count and color. I have decided to get back into it, but I will tell you my eyesight isnt what it used to be!! I found myself hunched over squinting desperately at the tiny holes in the Aida cloth, yelling at my husband to "Fix this damn light! It is so dark in here, no wonder I cant see anything!! Arent there any brighter bulbs you can use??" My kids are now wearing sunglasses indoors to combat my failing eyesight requests. The hump on the top part of my spine (The widows hump my mother inlaw calls it) has been paining daily since my reemergence of cross stitchery. My fingers are getting tender from wielding the tiny needle. Cross Stitch isnt as much fun as it used to be. I dont remember it causing this much physical discomfort and agony!

But I stick to it because I love it. I love the result. so until I actually complete something else, I will just have to enjoy the beauty of others work.

I hate to admit it(No, I dont. I readily admit it) I LOVE Spamberly.
her cross stitch is rauncy, funny, sexy, hilarious, dirty, irreverent and more.
I first found Spamberly when she posted in the forums her Pair of Breasts Cross stitch. It was brilliant. If my breasts looked that good you darn well know I would be strutting down the runway for Victorias Secret!
I really liked this magnet she has listed "What Would Crispin Glover Do?" (Hey you! Get your damn hand off her!)
She only has 5 finished cross stitch listed but they are beautiful. I LOVE this one. It is so intricate and stunning.
She also has Tea and Roses which is beautiful, but I am pretty partial to the more vintage looking patterns.
 Has this beautiful little pansy greeting card!. Bright and cheerful, it makes me happy. I know that if someone sent me a greeting card that had been Cross stitched I would be thrilled. What great idea.

 She has some great pieces she did back in the 80's. This one reminds me of Fourth of July. Actually when I look at it, I think of The Music Man. Very nice.

 Now this piece is just the chart, not the actual cross stitch. But this pattern is something that I would TOTALLY buy and make for my own home.

 This tea time sampler reminds me of my Cousin. She has lots of sweet country things in her house. I see this and I think of spending time with her and her family and the good times we used to have.

Happy Needleworking everyone!
Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave comments!!
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