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Tea tree oil is quite possibly the greatest thing to grace our planet.
This oil is good for so many different things it is ridiculous. In fact a giant (successful) MLM corporation has tapped into the beauty of it, exploited it to their advantage and now have women all over the country throwing Melaleuca parties.

TEA TREE : Melaleuca Alternifolia. A native plant of Australia, this plant has a zillion uses and benefits.

Tea Tree Oil is an antiseptic. It is also anti bacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory and anti fungal. It is an immuno booster as well. It has been used to treat everything from cuts and burns, to athletes foot, thrush, measles, chickenpox, cold sores to scabies, hemmroids, carpal tunnel and warts. It is especially good with coughs, having a wonderful camphor like property. Scientists are currently resarching the use of Tea Tree Oil in the fight against HIV and AIDS.


Vapor Steam. Put some drops in a bowl of boiling water, put your head close, cover with a towel and breathe in the vapors. Or try a few drops in a vaporizer. Works wonderfully as an expectorant when inhaled. Try with bronchitis, croup or whooping cough. The camphor like properties really loosen mucus and help get the productive cough started.

In the Bath: Add 8 to 10 drops of Tree Oil into your bath and enjoy. A natural disinfectant, this is great for people with skin diseases or infections. My youngest suffers from chronic big toe infections from an ingrown toenail. I tried everything. Finally I just stared putting tea tree oil in his bath 3 times a week. It cleared up within the week and has not returned.
My oldest son has CP with a weak left side. His left thumb had a lesion that got infected and pussy and would not heal. I tried all the traditional salves and ointments etc. Finally I cleaned it with diluted tea tree oil, put it in his bath as well and it cleared right up and has yet to return.

Gargle: great for sore throats. Cut off strep before it has a chance to start. If you feel a tickle coming on, gargle well with 5 drops in a glass of warm water. Do that 2 -3 times per day and combat a season of sore throat.

Massage: In 1 ounce of carrier oil(such as grapeseed or sweet almond), put 5 drops. Massage into aching muscles and joints once daily to combat arthritis and rheumatism. Try it on hands and wrists for carpal tunnel. Or try massage once a week pre surgery to boost your immune system. Tired? Immune system low due to stress or fatigue? Try tea tree oil. It is a natural immuno booster.

Cleaning: If you have pets or kids you dont want to mess with harmful bleachy chemicals. Tea tree oil is your new best friend. In a large squirt bottle add 16oz warm water, 1/4 cup white vinegar and about 5-6 drops tea tree oil. (the vinegar smell will not linger on countertops) If you like it sweeter smelling you can add some lemon juice or some essential oil of your choosing. I like Bergamot or Grapefruit. The vinegar and the tea tree oil will kill virtually every germ in your kitchen. It is kid and pet friendly and keeps the planet clean and green.

Bathtubs and Toilets. Mix together 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Let it foam and bubble. Then add 2 cups warm water, put in large spray bottle and shake well until all combined. Add 5 or 6 drops tea tree oil. GREAT for toilets and bathtubs. The baking soda is a natural abrasive without being harsh. The tea tree oil will kill the nasties. Again clean and green for the environment. What would you rather have running down your sink or toilet?? All natural Bicarb and tea tree oil?? Or bleach and chemicals that have to be used in a well ventilated area??

cosmetics: soaps, shampoos, lip balms, foot balms, lotions, acne treatments, toothpaste and more. Try it added to your mouthwash. 2-3 drops added to your gargle will leave your breath fresh and the bad breath bacteria gone.
Try a lip balm with tea tree oil to help combat dry chapped lips and cold sores.

Laundry: try adding a few drops to your washing loads. This will disinfect anything nasty lurking in your sheets or bedding, dirty underwear or socks.

Pets: You can use this safely on pets for fleas, ticks, mange, infections from scratching, ringworm, sprains, boils and more. Great for combatting bad breath as well. Always dilute and never use full strength on pets.

Air Deodorizer and sanitizer: in a atomizer or fine mist squirt bottle, mix 1 part vodka to 2 parts distilled water. Add 8-10 drops tea tree oil and a few drops of your favorite citrus essential oil, like Bergamot or Orange or Grapefruit. spray at will to make a room smell sweeter!

Here are some shops on etsy that offer Tea Tree Products in a variety of uses: This yoga mat spray is a wonderful use of tea tree oil. After a sweaty yoga session, spray your mat down with the mat spray. Keep your yoga gear fresh and clean! I know when I go to Yoga, we are in a small room and those sweaty mats can get a little "gag me". What a refreshing alternative to the chemical based disinfectants they have at the gym. Facial spray. Keep face refreshed and young and help fight acne all at the same time!
This cuticle balm is from my shop. It is great for women who have their nails professionaly manicured. This cuticle balm has tea tree oil which will help keep nail beds and cuticles in tip top shape and help keep those little nicks and cuts from our manicures from festering or getting infected. I use it also on rough spots on my fingers and on my writers callus. Natural deodorant from bathlife is all natural with tea tree oil which helps kill the bacteria that cause B.O. I am totally buying some of that! No Aluminum, just all natural ingredients to keep your pits smelling sweet and keep the skin dry and soft.
Vegan friendly tea tree oil soap. looks so super and gentle to your skin. try this for a little all natural anti bacterial soap action in your shower.
This doggie spray will work wonders for your pets coat and keep him fresh and help keep fleas at bay!

all natural lip balm with tea tree oil. Try this bad boy for cold sores, chapped lips and other lip conditions.

I really hope you can appreciate the beauty and wonder of Melaleuca Alternifolia. With so many uses and medicinal properties, I am amazed it isnt more in demand. Hug A Tea Tree Today! Or at the very least go buy some tea tree oil** and try it in one of the many uses listed above.
please feel free to leave me comments about how YOU use tea tree oil. I am always loving new tips!
**tea tree oil is available at most health food stores, some craft stores in their candle/soap making section and online at various essential oil sellers. (any soap making site should sell it. try majestic mountain sage, brambleberry, camdengrey, pvsoap, chemistrystore etc) you can always google "purchase tea tree oil" and a jillion sites will come up. Make sure you get 100% tea tree oil. No blends.
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