Friday, February 1, 2008

I gave my love a cherry....

FEBRUARY is American Heart Month. Since 1963 Congress has required each president to proclaim February as American Heart Month.
Did you know that Cardiovascular Disease, including Stroke, is our #1 killer? Over 1 million people this year alone will have a heart attack. The numbers are scary, and I'll wager that you or someone you know suffers with heart disease.

Today is National Wear Red Day- so wear red in support of Womens Heart Health.(or heart health in general!)
This subject is near and dear to my heart. As many of you know my son Peter had a life saving Heart Transplant at the age of 5. American Heart Month IS a big deal at our house.

This is Peter running the Mile at school during PE last month.
2 years ago he NEVER would have been able to do that.
Thanks to our wonderful Organ Donor, Peter can have a normal, happy life. He can now do things that most of us take for granted(like run, jump, play, climb stairs)
So to Devan and his Family we are forever indebted and always grateful.
Maybe down the road I will share the story of Devan and how it all came to be. But thats another blog, another day.

In honor of American Heart Month and Wear Red Day, here are some great etsy finds. I really love this red beaded necklace. It even has a little heart hanging down to remind us to be good to our tickers!
This dress is FABU!If I didnt have such meaty upper arms I would totally buy that dress! Wear it out to a night on the town!
these awesome red shoes make me want to go dancing(a heart healthy activity!) Gorgeous painting that would look great in a boudoir!

this sweet little beaded handbag looks like a juicy pomegranite(which is excellent for cardiovascular health I am told!) Beautiful AND reminds us to eat right!

these earrings are GORGEOUS! They remind of me of juicy red cherries. I am IN LOVE with these earrings. If I had pierced ears I would totally wear them 24/7
this beautiful circle stitch bangle would look perfect on your wrist as you are out and about. Casual, but could dress up any outfit! A beutiful Red for Wear Red Day.

Be Good To Your Hearts, and Viva American Heart Month!
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