Friday, August 15, 2008

10 things

I got tagged from Lindsey. kind of a free flowing tag, nothing structured. Just 10 things.

1. I love sugar cookies. Especially those big soft puffy ones with the buttercream icing and sprinkles. i could(but dont) make a meal out of a small container of those.

2. I prefer to eat kids cereal. Fruity pebbles, lucky charms, Corn Pops. But my favorite kids cereal is cinnamon Toast Crunch.

3. I am addicted to So you think you can dance, Project Runway and American Idol. But lets focus on So You Think You Can Dance.
My favorite dancer this season was Twitch and honestly was REALLY surprised to see it come down between Joshua and Twitch. i thought for sure It would come down to Twitch or Katee.
This is my FAVORITE dance all season. If Mia Michales doesnt win an emmy for this then there is no justice in this world. This is Twitch and Katee performing "mercy", choreographed by mia Michaels.

4. I FINALLY finished my Southern Reading challeange. i had to read three books by southern authors set in southern places. My first one was Widow of the south by Robert Hicks. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars. My second book was "Cant Wait to Get To Heaven" by Fannie Flagg, which I gave 5 out of 5 stars. My final book I finished yesterday was "Garden Spells" by Sarah Addison Allen. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I am very proud of myself. I cut it close though. But I did it.

5. i HATED Breaking Dawn by stephenie Meyer (4th installment of the Twilight Series). This book divided lots of fans. You had the rabid "OMG THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!" fromt he "I love vampire teens who hadnt even read it, to the "I HATE THIS BOOK AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK!" You also had the in betweens who really liked it and the in betweens who were very disappointed. I myself was very disappointed. I felt she tried to hard to make too many factions of her fan base happy. I saw reviews on Good reads that had given it 5 stars that said "This is going to be the best book I cant wait to get my copy and read it". You had teenage girls completely go berserk over adult women giving their opinion and why they didnt like it "Whatever. you are stupid. i know a good book when i read one and all my friend liked it and my mom liked it and she's old. I have read To Kill a Mockingbird. I know what classics are!" (Yes that was an actual argument from one silly little child fan. Because her mom, who is old, liked it therefore all adults must like it.) It has been ridiculous how polarizing this book as been.

6. I secretly laugh at teenage girls behind their backs at the mall. so full of angst. So full of themselves. So full of you know what. Being older and having already gone through that i just laugh at what they find so uber important. You know, the right clothes, cell phones, boyfriends, the whole going all the way discussions. It is just so trivial now, but i have to laugh because they take themselves SO SERIOUSLY. Now this is not all teenage girls. But you know the kind I mean. The ones who talk on their cell phones really loud at the mall, and wear too much makeup and too little clothing. They use "code words" so people around them dont know what they are talking about. Uh Hi girls, I was a teenager once too, I am not completely clueless as to what you are talking about.

7. People who make the most addicting snacks and then bring them to a function should be taken out and shot. i am talking about YOU Heather and Michelle. Last month Heather brought this popcorn that was coated in this minty flavored white chocolate. Last night Michelle brought this cereal, pretzel nut mixture coated in white chocolate.
Let me just say that BOTH nights I sat and practically devoured it all by myself. You girls are NOT helping my diet. I have 13 months to lose weight for my cruise. eating a pound of chocolate covered goodies is NOT going to help.

8. Love Actually. i LOVE this movie. It restored my faith in hugh Grant. He COMPELETELY redeemed himself in my eyes with this role. Hugh Grant plays the Prime Minister of England and he is in love with his secretary Natalie. He kind of hems and haws as the prime minister, and when a summit with the American President ends(somewhat badly) he defends his country, in a press conference,making himself a hero in his county's eyes, and showing the big nad american president that he cant be bullied. This is one of my favorite scenes from the move. After the Summit, he is feeling good about himself and thinks he is in private

9. the VENUS EMBRACE razor from Gilette. 5 blades and a ribbon of moisturizer. I LOVE this razor. It lasts forever (I have thusfar gotten about 7 shaves out of it with no sign of dulling.) there is no rusting and it comes with a little suction sup holder to put on your tub plus and extra blade. This is the single greatest razor of all time. My legs are so smooth. It is the closest shave you can get and has a swivel head. It is awesome. I HIGHLY recommend it. I got the little kit that comes with the shaving cream. The shave gel has avacado and silk in it. Heaven.

10. Gift Cards. Pre paid Credit Cards.
These are the greatest gifts. I love the prepaid credit cards, I can use them anywhere! I also love gift cards. I think they are just the perfect gift. That way I can get what I want and not hurt feelings. so future reference: gift cards and pre paid credit cards are GOOD.

I tag: Heather, Michelle, Rosebud, and anyone else who wants to do it.
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