Monday, August 4, 2008

Squeaky Clean!

So Peter was baptized on Saturday night. It was a good night. I am so proud of him!
And No Lindsey I did NOT cry...too terribly. Maybe on Par with a Hallmark Commercial...teared up a little bit. Not quite the weeping and sobbing of Titanic proportions.
People kept asking "Are you nervous? Are you feeling a little sad that your baby is getting baptized?" I wasnt. I knew he was making the right choice and he was excited for it. So I just told people, "Peter had a heart transplant. Anything after that is a piece of cake. Just ask me when he comes home 15 years from now and says 'Hey mom I met a woman and we are getting married.' I think I might freak out then a little. But baptism, I'm good!"

This is Finn getting ready to go to church for Peters big day. He wanted to go in costume as Batman. Obviously I said no, but let him wear the mask as he was getting dressed. I wonder if Christian Bale ever wears the mask as HE is getting all dolled up??

Charles and Peter Pre-baptism. Aren't they a pair of cuties? But then again, I am biased. Peter was looking all around the font, getting used to the idea and seemed to be really excited.

He greeted everyone who came, walking around in his little white jumpsuit. It was the cutest thing. He is a little short for an 8 year old, and the sallest jumpsuit they had was really long in the legs so it had to be rolled up SEVERAL times at the cuffs.

Peter and Finn. I cant tell who is more excited. Peter to get Baptized, or Finn to have his picture taken. A couple of natural born Hams.

Charles and Peter going into the font. So far So good. He started to get a little nervous. He is terrified of getting his head under water. But he really wanted to get baptized. So I know he must have been conflicted.

Peter about to get dunked. The reality of the situation set in and he realized he was going to have to go all the way under. It took 2 times, but he did it. It was a struggle to get him down the second time to make sure everything went under, but we got it done and he came up and out of the water all smiles and happy as could be.

Post Baptism we had refreshments and cake(of which I still have half left. So not good for my diet... It's a good one too.

So Congratulations Peter. I am very proud of you and the decision you made to get baptized and to become a member of the church!!

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