Friday, August 8, 2008

5 years of Finn

Here are just a zillion of my favorite pictures throughout Finn's first 5 years of life. As you can see he is just such a smiley, happy boy.(most of the time)
This is Finn as a newborn. He looked JUST like Peter. If dates were not written or printed on the pictures, I wouldnt know who I was looking at.

Finn at about 3 1/2 months old. He was just such a chunk-a-roni!! He could eat.

About 6 months. He was into EVERYTHING! This was about the time he morphed into Hurricane Finn.

Finn about 19 months. This was taken at The Ronald McDonald House when Peter was in the hospital.

Finn and Peter, Christmas 2005. Peter just a few months post transplant and still on fairly high doses of Prednisone. (you can really see it in his face)

Finn at age 3 playing in his clubhouse with some friends.

Eating one of his favorite foods...cereal. If I am not mistaken those are Golden Grahams...some of my personal favorites as well.

Enjoying the Slip N Slide for his 4th Birthday!

Being Silly on the Trampoline when his Uncle Daniel and Aunt Laura came to visit.

Finn at Easter 2008, making a cupcake. The joy of sugar...

Finn not wanting to join the picnic fun. See what a grouch he can be when he turns it on?

OOPS! I have a burgeoning "hairwrecker" on my hands.

Ahhh, blue mouth cotton candy. I love this picture. It really shows his sweet and " I love life" personality.

"Im Batman".
I Love you Finny Foo Foo. Congrats on turning 5. Hope it treats you well! Keep being the sweet and loving boy you are. You are my sensitive peacemaker. I WUBBA YOU!
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