Monday, August 11, 2008

I THINK I have everyone...

I made this on Photoshop. (The photoshop version is crisp and clear and 2MB in size, so I had to shrink this to blog size which is why it is a little fuzzier. But you can get the idea. The backside I distorted pertinent information. Dont want to get stalked. I am pretty famous, you know.

I uploaded it to gotprint and am having postcards made.
They come in a minimum order of 100. SO as soon as the first deposit is made in the next 2 weeks I am going to send one out to all the couples with their personal reservation number on it.THEN I will send it out again before their remaining deposit it due. THEN I will send another one out 2 months later before their Final balance payment is due.
My total, $15. I LOVE got print.
Now there is no excuse or "I forgot when my payments were due", and people will have a reminder to tack on their fridge or calander or use it in their scrapbook.

Did I mention how many people were coming?? So far the count is at 35 with a 2 couples still deciding. A CONFIRMED 35 people!! YOWZA!
I have put countless hours into this project. I have created THIS beauty:

This is my composition notebook strictly for cruise business. I made little tabs so I can just flip to the section I need and not spend time flipping through pages trying to find what I am looking for. I have written everything down in there from itinerary and reservation numbers to deposits, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates and other pertinent sailing info. I have a section for transportation and lodging, flights, excursions and other ideas. Everything ever said, decided and written about this cruise is in THIS notebook. (dont worry I do have a digital backup of all the emails etc, but that means I would have to make another notebook and start from scratch.
Seriously, if I ever lost this notebook I would go absolutely Postal.
They dont call me The Vacation Nazi for nothing.

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