Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Etsy Honey-Do list

1. Blog about my etsy honey-do list
2. pay my overdue etsy bills office to send out current sales and samples
4. Relist items that have sold
5. Make more items to list on Balmshoppe and Blueboy
6. List aforementioned items
7. Surf the forums looking for blog threads so I can get more readers (I want to be famous...)
8. Surf the forums looking for people I can offend with my more conservative political sensibilities. There I said it. I am NOT Pro-Obama. (but them again I am not pro-McCain either)
9.try to fit in the Olympics i recorded from last night (although thank you Yahoo for spoiling womens gymnastics for me) while crocheting potholders and face scrubbies for my shops.

It is an etsy day. The perfect kind of day. It is cooler and rainy outside, the kids arent going to the pool or anything. It is charles day off. i think I will be selfish and make him get the kids lunch and read to them etc.
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