Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where did all these clothes come from??

So this past week I have been getting ready for "BACK TO SCHOOL".
I went shopping for new clothes, found some really great deals at Kohls and Old Navy and I think I am really ready to get them out of the house.
Well I started to put away all their new goodies into the drawers and realized I have NO ROOM in the dressers for these things!!
. Where did they get so many clothes??
WHY do I have 47 pairs of kids socks??(and they are ALL DIFFERENT!! I have about 6 different kinds of white socks for them) I can tell which ones are finns because the bottoms are that carolina red clay rust color. He likes to run outside with no shoes on and even the oxy clean cant get out red dirt stains. So I had to buy MORE SOCKS to add to my already overwhelming sock problem.

So I decided that today was a "get rid of clothing that no longer fits" day. I have a huge problem with getting around to donating stuff. I tend to be lazy when it comes to actually de-junking clothing. I had a pair of pants from COLLEGE I was loathe to get rid of because they were still nice and who knows, someday I might need a pair of size 10 mauve linen pants. Yes, I said Mauve Linen pants. They were from Eddie Bauers and they were awesome. Never mind that they were 13 years old and I wore them to my Bridal Shower in Illinois back in 1997. I miss them already.

On a related side note:
If anyone wants size 4 and 5 T-shirts and maybe a few size 4 pants, please let me know. Most of it is still in really good condition. I will hold onto them until Saturday, if I dont have any takers then I will drop them at Goodwill.

Wish me luck in my dejunking!
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