Monday, August 25, 2008

Hot diggity dog! School is HERE!!

So this morning Peter started 2nd grade!!
Last night we set out his clothes(what else, a Bumblebee transformers T-shirt and shorts).
So this morning, like clockwork he got dressed, ate breakfast, helped pack his lunch, took his medicine and brushed his teeth. We all piled in the car and drove him to school. Even Finn, who is excited to start Kindergarten.
We dropped him off and he gave us a salute, said "see ya" and trotted off to his class.
Finn starts on Wednesday. They have staggered entry here for Kindergarden. Each day Monday through Thursday only a few kids in each class go, so they can get to know the routine, the rules, the teacher etc. Then on Friday ALL the kids start full time.
So I guess that is nice for me. I still get to keep my Finny home a few more days.
I know I SAY I am excited for school to start so I have the day to myself, but actually I think I will miss them. We will see.
But on the flip side.... It WILL be nice to be able to keep the house clean for more than 5 minutes. it will be nice to be able to work on the computer getting stuff done without hearing "mom, can you download the spongebob game?" or "Hey! I wanted to play on the computer!".
I can go to the Y without having to fight the whims and desires of kids. If they dont feel like going it will take them 3 times as long to find their shoes, get dressed etc, until I have effectively missed my class and left my voice hoarse from yelling at them to get their butts in gear.
I can go grocery shopping without hearing "Can I get some Candy? waaahhh I want candy! YES! CANDY!!" or "Can we look at Toys??"
In fact I can go shopping anywhere I want without having to yell at them to "get back here! Quit touching that! Dont knock that over! Quit running into each other"
No more "Can we go to McDonalds? They have toys there we like!"
No more "I'm bored!"
No more door being left open, making our house a breeding ground for flies in the NC Charlotte area.(Ugh the FLIES. I killed 7 on the window yesterday. I have to go get some fly paper)
So Thank you Lord for helping me survive this summer and thank you that school has begun!
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