Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've got a golden ticket

Yesterday was just one of those days that went right.
Everything fell into place.
I got stuff done.
Good things came my way.

First I started in the upstairs bathroom. I went through all the drawers, under the cabinets etc and I pulled out a HUGE garbage bag full of junk and trash and shampoo bottles with only a squirt of shampoo left in them etc. i threw out old razors, old make up, face cleansers and more.
Then I cleaned, scrubbed the tub, cleaned the toilet, cleaned up boy pee that had missed the toilet, it was just so much better. It looked so good, it was sparkly clean, smelled great (thanks tea tree oil!) and I just felt a million times better without all the junk cluttering up the drawers and cabinets.

Then I got a call from the cosmetology school asking I come back in and re-sign some paperwork.
They were able to get me even more grant money! So basically every 3 months I will get a grant check for $950! It is like a little mini paycheck every few months. It is the exact amount I will need for after care at the school for the boys!!

THEN we got a nice check in the mail from Charles old job profit sharing! I took it to the bank and usually they put a hold on them for a week because they suck. BUT I got a nice guy who asked "When do you need these funds?" I told him by Monday would be great, and he said that usually it would be a 7 day hold, but since it was a company check etc he would override the hold and the funds were available first thing this morning. How AWESOME is that??

The boys mostly behaved. Dinner turned out fantastic (grilled checken in whole grain flat out wraps), and a whole garden full of more peppers than I will know what to do with.

Hopefully I can have even more of those days. They make me happy.
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