Monday, October 20, 2008

I need a vacation from my vacation 2

well we are back!
A LONG yet very fun week.
We went to Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood studios(formerly MGM) and Animal Kingdom.
We have lots of memories, a few funny stories and tons of pictures, which I will post all throughout this week.

Turns out my "No Fear" 5 year old who is my adventure junkie thrill seeker is not much into fast rides, coasters or things that go down hills. He did fine until Universal Islands of Adventure and we went on Jurassic Park. It just got worse from there. All week he fretted and fussed about how fast or slow a ride was, how big or little the hill was, would it go up fast or up slow. He cried before he even got onto rides. It was actually a little surprising. Finn is always the one who is jumping out of the tree house, finding new and inventive ways for an adrenaline rush. He has always been my "lets go lets go lets go" boy.

Peter, who has always been a little more timid and reserved and seems to be scared of everything REALLY surprised me. He doesnt have much use of his left hand and arm. He is always more shy and scared to do things, for the longest time he didnt even want to go down tall slides at the playground. But he promised me that at WDW he would try all the rides at least once. Turns out Mr shy and timid is a roller coaster enthusiast! He rode Space Mountain TWICE, and Expedition Everst FOUR TIMES!! He just loved it. I think I could have gotten him back onto tower of terror again if we had more time. He really loved the thrilling rides and the rollercoasters and the fast rides.

A few highlights From Each park:

(Epcot)They LOVED Mission Space. We didnt do the wimpy green one either. We did the full out orange team with the spinning and the G-force pulling your face back to your ears as you blasted off to Mars. The one where as you are blasting off you can feel your stomach sinking lower and lower and it just keeps sinking. I actually cry out every time I ride it. I dont think my stomach can sink any lower and it does. It is just such an amazingly realistic ride.

(Animal Kingdom)- Peter loved Everest.(four times it was awesome). Finn Loved the Kali River Rapids. I happened to be sitting in the wet seat BOTH TIMES. I was soaked. A Bugs Life was a big hit as well.

(Hollywood Studios) I Loved Tower of Terror. It is my favorite ride. The one we went on had a GREAT sequence of drops and ascents. It was fantastic. The boys LOVED Star Tours. As soon as the movie was over, Finn in a loud voice said "That was TOTALLY AWESOME!"

(Magic Kingdom) Peter Loved Space Mountain. Finn did not. Finn and Peter both loved one of my favorite rides "Peter Pans Flight". Splash Mountain was fine until the last drop at the end and Pirates of the Caribbean was a big hit for all. Mickeys Philharmonic was so much fun too.

Universal studios and Islands of adventure was really fun all around. If anyone is going to IOA anytime soon you MUST ride the spiderman ride. It was amazing. The boys loved the Cat in the Hat ride, E.T and the Woody Woodpecker kiddie coaster.

So thats kind of a brief synopsis. I will post pictures this week etc.
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