Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That's not acting...thats sheer terror

I feel as if I should be taken out back and flogged for my incompetence.

I know Disney like the back of my hand. I knwo which rides are scary, which rides are not. I know every twist, turn, drop etc. I know how fast each one goes, how slow each one goes. The vacation Nazi felt prepared to take her kids to Disney World.
However, I had spent the better part of 6 months largely ignoring Universal Studios and the rides and descriptions.

It was Our first day at Universal Islands of Adventure. We had been on Spider Man and Cat in the Hat and ET and Poseidons fury. As we were walking through Jurassic Park, we saw a log ride. It didnt say anything about "You WILL get soaked" or "You must be 54" tall to ride this" etc. It didnt show any signs of being a scary water ride. We thought we would be taking a log ride through "Jurassic Park". DInosaurs and a Log Ride, a perfect way to end the day.
After all the height requirement was only 42", and the only sign was "twists and turns and sudden drops". Well all the rides said that, and not having done any research I ASSUMED we would be fine. Plus there was a little blurb that read this: "Take an unforgettable river raft ride, and see dinosaurs in their natural habitats. "
We got on the ride and meandered through Jurassic Park. Then uh oh, the dino's escaped and we went through the restricted part of the park. Oh No the dinosaur is getting out of the crat! Watch out for those velociraptors, they are fighting over a maintenance man's shirt! Silly stuff the kids loved. It was calm and fine and slow and a little jerky, so I figured it was more or less the "Its a Small World" of Islands of Adventure. We go up a hill "into the lab" and at the top a giant T rex lights up, roars and scares the pooh out of everyone in the log. Next thing I know we are dropping, hurtling down at lightning speed. This drop was 85 foot plunge! We had no idea it was coming and it was scary. I had the presence of mind to put my hand on Peter to keep him back, but Charles was sitting next to Finn and did nothing.
At the end my boys were crying, Finn was at his breaking point he wanted nothing to do with Universal studios after that. It was horrible.

The picture however was HILARIOUS. Of course I had to buy it. Every time I look at it I laugh out loud...then feel shame for my lack of research.

There is no acting, that is SHEER TERROR. I scanned it and cropped it to just the kids faces.

But Finn's face, is PRICELESS!
It's almost something you see in the cartoons.
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