Wednesday, October 29, 2008

why I Love My Husband

He gets me.
He doesnt ask questions.

I tell him what I like or used to like or used to be obsessed with. He just shakes his head and goes about his business. He files away that information to be used for his benefit sometime down the road.

Last night I get out of the shower and he says, "Go into the bedroom and turn on the DVD player".
I was thinking maybe a romantic CD, I was going to get a massage, you know something nice.
I press Play and this was 10 times better than a night of romance.

I used to watch this show every day for it's full run.Then I graduated with the Kids of Degrassi into High School and continued to watch until it was over.
I would run home from the bus and turn it to PBS. I LOVED this show.

So my hubby has gotten me the complete series of Degrassi Jr High.

I love him.
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