Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My first day of school

So Sunday night I was so excited I couldnt sleep a wink. I tossed and turned. I hemmed and hawed. I felt like I looked at the clock every hour on the hour. I get this way before Christmas, I get this way before disneyworld, I get this way when I am nervous or excited.

So I finally get up and we get the boys off to school. Charles takes me out for a "First Day of School Bagel". I had the Leonardo De Veggie on rosemary and olive oil bagel. I ♥ Bruggers

SO I get to school and there are 12 in my class. We are in a little room with those folding chairs with the attached flip over desks on them...you know the desks that have been so abused by previous students that they no longer lie flat.
We get to know each other. I am the oldest in the class, followed by a girl who is 29, then there is one who is 25. The rest are all 18 through 22. Several of them infants, fresh out of high school Ink Barely dry on their diplomas.
We have one male in our class and he made it clear from day one that he liked girls. He wanted to clear that up early.

So we take a mini tour of the school and get our lockers. (yes Lockers...just like High school)
THEN the fun began. In rolled the huge Cardboard boxes. One giant box for everyone. It was our first shipment of supplies.
It was filled with a giant black roller wheel suitcase Then we had all of our textbooks, 3 mannequin heads (tiffany, courtney and destiny), 8 brushes, 9 combs a zillion rollers, rods, pins, bowls etc etc etc. So we had to go through and check off our inventory list to make sure everything was there. We played with our mannequin heads for awhile, getting used to the feel of them, learning to attach them to the rod base on a table or chair or anywhere that a clamp can be used. They are real human hair and come complete with grey hairs, split ends, cowlicks and more. They are really amazing. Courtney is my favorite. She has my kind of hair. Thick, with split ends and grey hair and a tendency to curl. So she is the one I think I will work most vigorously with.

After lunch we got into skin. Learning all about bacteria and communicable disease. Today we are going into skin diseases, how to recognize them and the proper treatment.
For the next two weeks we will be working on skin and facials and skin disorders and things like that. We jump in from day one. They dont waste time and there is no messing around.

Of course we are in uniform. We have to wear straight black and/or white. No patterns, no stripes, nothing. One solid color.
They also recommend you always look your best, hair and make-up etc. That way we present a good image for the school. So I guess I am being forced to get manicures and pedicures and highlights . sigh, my life is so hard.

So that was my first day. we are jumping into facials and skin care full time today.
Our next shipment comes in a few weeks, it has our haircutting shears, color supplies, nail supplies and remaining mannequin heads, including Kyle, the male mannequin who has long shaggy hair and beard, nose hair and ear hair.

I am really excited and got a much better night of sleep last night, now that the excitement of the first day has passed.
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