Thursday, October 30, 2008

They call me MISS Computer

so I have a new nickname.

Nothing cute like Muffy or Buffy or Bambi or Peaches (now isnt that a lineup from Old School Fantastic Sams? Remember back in the 80's and you would go to Fantastic Sams and get your hair cut and the names above their station would be Foxy, Muffy, Bambi, Peaches, Pumpkin etc? For some reason i remembered that. Sorry for the tangent and here i am back to reality.)
Just plain old Computer.

The past 3 days we have done nothing but theory and book learning. We have been learning all the layers of the skin, the various forms of bacteria, and a zillion different types of skin lesions, diseases and disorders. We played a game in class where we grouped up in teams and she would ask us the name of a disease and we had to describe it, or she would give us the definition and we would have to come up with the name of it. Our team had 3 people on it. We beat the other teams 12 to 6.
When the teacher said something like "Whew, your team is really remembering. Good for you!".
One girl from the other team said "Their team! I think you mean Sarah. She's the one with all the answers!".

The teacher asked if I had an easy time remembering words and had a really easy time memorizing things and I said yes. She kind of made a joke like my brain was like Google and I was a computer.
It stuck.

So throughout the rest of the day when something would be asked everyone would look at me like I knew the answer and would say "Ask computer! She will know it".
so I have established myself firmly at the head of the class in theory. We will see how well I do in practice. Now I have to keep up with it and retain my place on the queen of vocabulary throne.

No my name aint baby, it's computer. Miss Computer if you're nasty...
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