Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our tooth fairy comes on the 1st and the 15th of the month...

Finn has been OBSESSED with losing his teeth. He thought it was so cool that when Peters teeth fell out he got shiny gold dollars under his pillow (hey the tooth fairy has to use those things up from the post office somehow!)
So for the past few weeks he has insisted his tooth was loose.
I felt it and perhaps it was the teenyist bit loose. Well he hooked onto that tooth with a mission. Every time I looked his direction his finger was in his mouth and he was just a wigglin' away on it.
That tooth got looser and looser. One day it got so loose it was about 1/4 of an inch taller than his other teeth. When he would breathe, the tooth would pfff forward with exhales and ffftt back with the inhales. He wouldnt let me yank it though. All it would have taken was a quick tug and it would have come right out. He insisted it fall out without any medical or parental intervention.
So,I gave him a donut for a snack and as he was eating I hear "Hey, I lost my tooth!"

I go over and sure enough his tooth fell out. He spit it out and said "I cant believe it! I lost my tooth. I was eating my donut and next thing I know I was chewing my tooth! Can you believe it? I lost my Tooth! Hey Peter, I finally lost a tooth!"

He was so proud.

The next morning on his breakfast plate was a crisp, beautiful Disney Dollar (a dollar from disney world that can be used as money there)

FINN: DAD! I got a Disney Dollar. The Toof Fairy left me a Disney Dollar! Isn't that awesome?

DAD: Wow, a whole disney Dollar? Thats pretty Cool buddy!

FINN: I know. Look Peter, the Toof Fairy left me a disney Dollar!

PETER: Yeah, thats great finn.

DAD: Hmmmm, I wonder how the tooth fairy knew we were going to Disney World?

FINN: Hmm, maybe she heard us from her castle or something.

So yay, he finally lost a tooth. Now if only I can keep him from yanking out all his other teeth. That dollar thing was a pretty good deal!!
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