Friday, October 31, 2008

week wrap up

So I had a great week this week.

I firmly established myself at the head of my class in vocab and terminology.
yesterday I scored a 98% on my waxing final where I had to wax a pair of eyebrows.
I waxed Bianca's eyebrows to pefection but lost 2 points when I accidentally put the used muslin strip on the table first instead of throwing it directly into my soiled implements bag.
But I found I have a natural flair and ability to rip peoples eyebrows off and make them look good. Plus I learned the proper way to tweeze eyebrows. Did you know you are supposed to pull the skin taut and then pull in the opposite direction of hair growth?? It made it so mcu better and comfortable. learn something new every day.

But Poor Bianca. She has fairly sensitive skin, and though I used the cream wax for sensitive skin her eyebrows still got puffy and red. Even the cooling gel with aloe didnt help. She ended up putting seabreeze on it and tha helped quite a bit. So some seabreeze if you have sensitive skin and pluck your eyebrows...

Mimi did my eyebrows and they turned out quite nice as well.

Today is my first written test. I expect a 100%.
We are also moving onto the anatomy and muscles of the face and starting skin analysis and facials. I cant wait to have one done on me. I LOVE facials.

Today is Halloween, so the boys got to wear their Transformer costumes to school (minus the masks). That was the fastest they have gotten dressed all year.
So tonight we are taking them to my mom and dad's house to go tricker treating. They have THE BEST NEIGHBORHOOD to go T-o-T'g in. I expect to come home with a haul.

on another positive note being in school has really helped with my diet.
I eat breakfast, I dont snack in between meals and I bring my lunch. I dont have money with me so I cant use the vending machines, and then after school I go home and it is dinner time. and By the time I get home I am so worn out and tired that I dont really feel hungry so I just eat a tiny portion. I lost 7 pounds this week not even trying! YAHOO!!

So have a great weekend all.
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