Wednesday, September 24, 2008

beauty school drop out part deux

Yesterday was my school tour.

I REALLY liked what I saw. I really liked the school. I REALLY liked the curriculum. They do the hair shows and expos too. They teach every kind of hair from caucasian, to latino to asian to african american. they teach extensions, weaves, cut, color, perm, chemical altering etc. They teach various techniques.
The mannequins you get are all human hair. The male mannequins come with long shaggy hair and beards, nose hair, ear hair etc. It is hilarious.
The campus itself is VERY nice and welcoming and open and bright and CLEAN. They also teach management and salon ownership and retail etc. You get the whole gamut of education.

I HATED the tuition cost. BUT there are grants, scholarships and student loans available for me to take advantage of. In NC the cosmetology licensing at Empire includes Hair, Nails and skin. So by the time I am done I will be a licensed hairstylist, manicurist and skin aesthetician.
The tuition includes everything for state boards etc. It is just such a great program and I am REALLY excited. PLUS they offer job placement assistance FOR LIFE, anywhere you may go.

I could go full time, which is Monday through Friday from 9am until 430 pm. But that would be too hard to find someone to pick the boys up from school everyday and watch them for 3 hours, 5 days a week. It does mean, however, that I would be done in about 11 months and licensed in a year. BUT I would have to quit the beading group I JUST started, I would have to find some evening classes at the Y to take and work out, and by that time I will be so tired i wont want to work out(which really is super important to my health and wll being, so I find that a huge plus or minus).

Or I can go Part time. Monday through Thursday 545-945pm.
That means no more activity day girls, no more book club. However Charles would be home from work by then and if not, my mom and dad would be home by that time and could watch the boys if needed. If I go part time I would be done in about 23 months. If I needed a long weekend with my family I would be able to take it.

So after weighing the pros and cons, i have decided that PART TIME is the way to go.
The children scheduling logistics are friendlier, the YMCA morning exercise schedule is still in place, I can continue in my beading group. It ends up working better all around.
Granted I would like to be done in a year, but time wise and scheduling, there is just no way this would work. Maybe if my kids were older they could be by themselves for 2 hours after school, but there is just no way I would ever trust them to do that. They would burn the fricking house down.

So now I just need to go back to the school, fill out the applications and financial aid paperwork and see if there are any grants or scholarships available and go from there!!
All I need to do is bring in my High School Diploma, Birth Certificate and 2007 tax forms.
Do I even KNOW where my HS diploma is?? (I think I do. I may just need to track down my old high school and ask them to fax my transcripts. Of course it was so long ago, back before paper was invented apparently...see story below)

STORY: The receptionist and admissions person who puts the paperwork into the computer was looking at my form and it asked what year I graduated High School. i wrote 1994. She looked at it. Looked at me. Looked at it again. Looked at me.
She said "YOU graduated in 1994?" i said yes, and she said "huh, we dont get many old girls who come back to school".
Apparently 32 is an OLD GIRL now. (Of course she was like 12, so of course I am the crypt keeper compared to her)
But maybe she said it admiringly, like "wow, good for you for coming back and fulfilling your lifelong dream you hag". Although to be quite honest, I am not sure exactly what she meant. she either thought I was a child when I started high school and I look younger than I really am, or she meant it like "You are too old to have only graduated 14 years ago. Are you sure you didnt flunk 3rd grade a few times??"
I havent figured her out yet.

Oh well. I am over it. Time to go to the Rite Aid and buy some Olay regenerist.
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