Thursday, September 4, 2008

Scouting and Lip Balm

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So Peter started Boy Scouts on Tuesday evening.
Sigh. Growing up so fast.

I went all the way uptown to the ONE AND ONLY scouts store here in Charlotte (there is another one in Gastonia, which takes FOREVER to get there. But thats another rant for another day).

We bought the shirt, the wolf-kerchief and slide, the handbook, the patches etc. $63 later and no patch magic, I realized I actually had to SEW the patches on. GRRRRRR.
Did you know there are SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS on where to place the patches in EXACT locations?? Did they actually want me to pull my measuring tape out?? Would they REALLY know if that emblem crest was not 3/8 inches above the left pocket??
So for 2 hours Tuesday afternoon I frantically sewed the patches onto his shirt, hoping they were straight and even and that no one could tell the thread didnt match.
All in all it turned out nice, and my fingers are only slightly tender, still.

He looked absolutely adorable in his outfit and he got lots of compliments. No one mentioned the patches, so I assume they were correct.

He had a great time and can't wait to go back!!

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