Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm too young for this

This morning I packed a "bored bag" to take with me to the hospital. Crochet work, books, etc.
I put it down (or so I remembered) in the piano room.
I get Finn dressed, get his breakfast ready, get his backack ready for school etc.
I go to get my bored bag and it is gone.

gone gone gone.

I look in the computer room, the TV room, back in the piano room. I even look in the laundry room and bathrooms and all the bedrooms. i cannot find it anywhere.

I know Finn didnt touch it as he was at the kitchen table eating fruity pebbles(yes I am a great mom with the sugary cereals I know)

I scoured the house for 10 minutes looking for this bag. I retraced steps. I looked in every room of the house TWICE..and thrice.(I love that word) This bag had gone the way of the dodo. It is a big tapestry craft bag, so it isnt like I could have put it down and it got hidden by something, or I was just overlooking it. You CAN'T overlook this behemoth.

I was starting to get VERY frustrated and angry. I was stomping, yelling, cursing, muttering and all around being my pleasant, even tempered self.

I go back down into the computer room and guess what. There is my bag, sitting plain as the nose on my face, on my desk.

It was NOT there when I was looking for it that entire time. I KNOW it wasnt. I looked THREE TIMES in that room.

I am too young to be losing my mind.

I prefer to imagine that I have a friendly ghost living in this house who likes to play pranks.
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