Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beauty School Drop Out

Back in college i used to cut hair for free. If guys needed a trim I would pull out the orange handled scissors and trim them up. I gave some cute haircuts to my roommates and girl friends as well. I had always enjoyed doing it and thought it was a profession I would be good at. I decided that Cosmetology was the route I wanted to take. What was I going to do with a French degree?? I didnt want to teach. I didnt want to translate. Unless I was going to live in France as an expatriate, then French really wasnt a useful degree for my situation.

Soon afterwards I married, and did not have the time or money for cosmetology school as I had planned. Then a big move to Charlotte, then a baby with heart problems who took up a lot of my time and all of our money.
Then another newborn.
My life was devoted to working full time to get my husband through school, taking care of kids and juggling doctors appointments...all while trying to lose weight, keep our financial heads above water and making it my lifes mission to buy a house AWAY from the apartments with paper thin walls.
Here we are 5 years later.
The kids are both in school.
Peter had a heart transplant and no longer requires constant dr. appointments.
Charles has a full time job and a college degree.
We have a house...and a dog.
I have a cabinet full of cleaning supplies and nothing else to show for yself except a failing mastery of the French Language.

Well I decided it was time for me.
Down the road is a Cosmetology school that offers new classes every 8 weeks. They offer full time or part time. They offer financial aid, job placement, and all the other good things.
so this morning I am going to their school to take a tour and get an enrollment packet, learn about tuition, classes available and hours available, etc. See if it is feasible. See if Cosmetology school is FINALLY in my cards.

Charles says to go for it. My parents say to go for it. I have support all around and a desire to do it. i am really excited, and hope that this will be the opportunity I need to spread my wings and finally do MY dream.
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