Thursday, September 11, 2008

Peter update

Just a quick Peter update:

He is in good spirits and feeling great! The antibiotics seem to be working well and he is eating and sleeping well.
We should be out of the hospital in just a few days when the course of IV antibiotics are finished.

Yesterday they did an echo and an EKG. The cardiologist(the wonderfully charming Dr. Greene that has been Peters cardiologist since PRE-birth) said Peters heart looks awesome and is functioning so well, and not to worry about that end of it.

So he has been getting daily doses of antibiotics, Respiratory Therapy to get the gunk broken up and is having fun finagling all sorts of new "stuff" from the nurses and Child Life. That kid can turn on the charm to get what he wants.

The first day there the Nurse came in and said "Ok let me see your bracelet. You are Peter Wallace McBride?"
Peter looked at her and said "Yes, but you can call me just Peter McBride"
He got a toy for that.

They put in an IV and he struggled minimally...he got a toy for that

He smiled at the nurse tech and offered his arm for blood pressure...he got a toy for that

( I am kidding about all the toys, we have had to tell the nurses no, otherwise he would have a room FULL of them. ) Although he DID get a toy for doing a decent job when they were putting his IV in.

I brought a bunch of Junie B Jones books, his homework from school, movies etc. He has plenty to do and we even go to the playroom a lot. So he isnt bored.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and super sweet comments. I really appreciate them and it keeps my spirits boosted to know I have such nice people who care!!
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