Monday, September 22, 2008

My personal writing style

After taking a mini-break from blogger last week, I realized how much I actually LOVE blogging.
I missed it. I really missed it.
It is my little morning ritual after I get the kids ready for school and pack lunches and get them dressed and out the door. I just sit back with my cup of hot cocoa (even in 100 degree weather) and write to my little hearts content when they are gone. So Hello my old friend, I have missed you.

Looking back at my previous posts I noticed a trend in my blog writing. Notably 3 things:

1. I REALLY like caps to emphasize certain words. REALLY.
2. I use A LOT of parentheses (like this)
3. I like to use dot dot dot.... to trail off and leave the reader in suspense, or to stretch out my train of thought...or just because.

I dont know when it started, I guess I have always written like that. I went back through some emails that I have written to friends, some old school papers etc. and realize that I use ALL of the above PLUS an additional few quirks.

-I like the word etc.(can't you tell)
-I like to use exclamation points...for EVERYTHING!! (I guess I want people to know I am really enthusiastic about the things I say. A period is just An exclamation point is welcoming and lets people know you are excited about what you are saying!! See the difference?)
-I REALLY like the use of the colon : Dont know why, I really do.
-The more question marks i put the more confused i am. does that make sense?(see, slightly questioning...) Had I used 2 or 3 question marks you would know the severity of my pondering.

I also am not excessively diligent about spell check. (or as I like to call it, brain workign faster than fingers can type...) See, I misspelled working!

so that is my writing style. I was always told you should write the way you would talk.

What is YOUR writing style??
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