Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

So I finally did it. I gave in like everyone else. I couldnt stand it.
I went to and uploaded a truly FANTASTIC picture of myself from Chattanooga.

Here are a few of the notables.
1952. If Eleanor roosevelt and Miss Jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies had a secret love child, this would be the result. Actually, I kind of look like my Great GRandmother Ruby.

1964. This was the year my mother graduated from High School. Wow, I look NOTHING like her. Seriously, my mother is very beautiful, so had I gone to school with her I would be the obligatory "Ugly Best Friend". Of course if I were saddled with those glasses I would be scowling too...

1976. Bicentennial. My Birth Year. Sadly, I had this haircut in 1981. I kind of look like my older brothers homecoming date, suzy, from 1980

1980. I am a cross between KITTY, from That 70s Show, and my moms best friend Donna.
Believe it or not, i have woken up with this hair a few times...

1994. My graduation year. Now, this one is NOT funny, as this is MY graduation photo. (not really, but pretty close). I really dont remember making my hair THAT big...god bless all us "old girls" from 1994.

It is definitely a cute site, and fun to see what you would look like through the decades. They have 1950 all the way through 2000. You kind of have to tweak them a bit as the face cropping on the site kind of sucks. But it was fun and I got a kick out of it.
Check them out for a good laugh...or if you want to feel better about yourself.

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