Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beauty School Drop Out-Christmas in Tokyo

Here are some great pictures from school yesterday.
We had a Holiday Fantasy Hair Show.
Each class had to do a Holiday theme and do hair, make up and fashion.
It was fantasy, so we could have lots of fun with it.
We knew that everyone would be putting on prom dresses and doing up-do's on their hair, and we didnt want to go that route. We wanted to stand out and really stretch our creative wings.
so our class picked an Oriental theme and ran with it. We were CHRISTMAS IN TOKYO.
This is a little banner I made on a piece of Copier Paper and used Dry Erase Markers to make everything. Not great, I know, but it worked for our show. I taped two chopsticks on the back for handles and Curnel walked in front of our model around the school during the "catwalk".

Since we havent done nails in our curriculum yet, we just glued on the tips, without the acrylic, painted them red and left them dragon lady length. I took a black Sharpie marker and copied some symbols from a japanese paper lantern onto her nails. So who knows, maybe her nails are saying "Buy bread here" or "Twinkies are great". I also took some little red christmas bulb ornaments and wrote the same symbols on them and made her matching earrings.If my nails offend, I apologize, I was plagarizing the symbols from a picture from the internet. I did then best I could!!
We took a short bob wig, that you can see on the bottom and used that as our base. Then we took stockings and nylons and filled them with stuffing and covered them with other synthetic hair extensions and hair pieces. We made a giant bun on the bottom, then two other buns. Stacked them all together and sewed and glued it all together. Mimi and Bianca and Nakisha did a fantastic job getting it all together. They really went to town. Mimi is AMAZING with extensions and design. That is really her specialty.
I went to AC Moore and found a Poinsettia shrub(fake) for 50 cents. I pulled off the flowers and where the stem stuck through the flower was a hole. I put an extra large hair pin through the holes to make the poinsettia flower hairpins. Same with the little pearl and jewel picks coming out of the top of her head. Just cut up a 50 cent decorative christmas stem and wrapped it around hairpins. At lunch Amanda crossed 4 lanes of traffic(on foot) to go to the christmas lot across the street and ask for a sawed off branch from one of their christmas trees. They have it to her and we broke off twigs and arranged it in the wig as well. so not only did we make complete awesomness, we endanger life and limb for this show...)

You can kind of see it better here.

Lainey and I purloined some disposable chopsticks last time we went to China One for lunch. I wrapped them with red and green jewelry wire and acrylic beads to make some jeweled chopsticks for the hair.
The Final finished product! we put on a japanese song from Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift and got a TON of compliments. We were SO PROUD of how it turned out.

All the other classes had prom dresses and up do's. But one of the other classes went all out and spend like $90 on fake hair and styrofoam and all this stuff to make a Christmas tree and snowman and mrs Claus. Theirs was fantastic, BUT they have 18 students in their class, and they each chipped in $5 for their fashion show. We spent $1.10. Thats it. Between the 10 of us, we each did a little something to contribute. Everything was brought from home, stuff people already had etc. The only money spent was on the poinsettia and the christmas decorative stem.

The directors really liked it. But I dont think they realized how much time we spent on the wig and making everything. I dont think they realized that we spent NO MONEY putting together our show and theme. We have the smallest class in school and we were as awesome as the bigger class who spent a ton of money for theirs.

I am just really proud of this. These photos are going in my portfolio.

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