Friday, December 19, 2008

redwood table

The other day charles and I had to move something that looked like this (very similar) upstairs to our Piano room. It was our antique redwood slab coffee table. Charles parents got it in California back in the 60's. It is a giant slab of Redwood tree, polished, shines, shellacked and put on a base of more redwood tree. It is REALLY awesome and beautiful and unique. Our slab is thicker than the one shown here, and the base is a little shorter and a lot larger in diameter. Our table has lots or little natural holes that make little tunnels into the base section, which has lots of little caverns and slides. We picked up this table, which was approximately the weight of a newborn baby elephant and turned it sideways. We hear tumbling, and coins and more tumbling and out through the slides and holes and caverns of the base comes pouring out money, matchbox cars, marbles, magnets, candy, decorative vase rocks, paperclips...basically anything the boys could put down these holes and forgot to pull out. It was sick. I found a necklace that had gone missing, some bali silver beads that had gone the way of the Dodo, and about 22 broken crayon pieces....nice.
We struggled to get this behemoth table upstairs to the piano room. But we did it. It has a nice new home, looks beautiful and even more important, made room downstairs for THIS:

"God bless us, everyone".

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