Monday, December 22, 2008

christmas shopping is done

It feels so good to be done. I dont have to go out again into the mob of madness, clawing my way through hundreds of people all in the same aisles, all with carts trying to maneuver, all wanting to grab that last transformer, or the only Wall*E remote control robot.
done. DONE. Done with a capital D, shouted from the rooftops, with triple exclamation points.

DONE!!!!! It feels so good to write that word.

My parents I got the Blurb photo book. Then I went to Souper! Salad! and bought them a bag of their gingerbread bread that they can mix up and make at home. It is my moms favorite bread there, she could make an entire meal out of it.

The boys got a Wii. They got Kung Fu Panda. They got a few little mini transformers, some puzzles, Guess Who (are you Clarence??), Lincoln Logs, and some fuzzy Pajama Pants. Yes, they wanted some fleecy pajama bottoms. Actually asked for them. Who asks for pajamas? I thought that was a gift, kind of like socks. no one asks for them, they just get them as a practical gift from Grammy. But they wanted them. So I obliged. I found these heavy super snuggly polar fleece pajama pants (One Transformers, One Spiderman. Peter and Finn respectively) Then we bought them a pair of flannel pajama pants as well. So they will be warm and toasty this winter.

Charles is getting _____________ (hah. Charles reads my blog.)
I almost dont want to get him anything. He makes gift giving un-fun.
When we were dating He was wearing a pair of transparent socks. You know they had gotten threadbare to the point of being able to see through the heels. he had mentioned that he needed more socks. So as joke I went out and bought him a package of tube socks. I gave them to him and he immediately guessed "socks?". he hadnt even unwrapped them yet.

Same for boardgames , movies, CD's etc. It can be triple wrapped in a wierd sized decoy box shaped like a giraffe, and he can be like "Is this an MP3 player? "(And it would be) It is as if he can smell whats inside. Monsier Nez of Christmas gifts.

One Christmas I got him the Deluxe anniversary edition of Risk. The kind with the pewter soldiers, the velvet drawstring bags, the gold foil edging on the cards etc. The real swanky frou frou set. Well I wrapped it and then on Christmas he picked it up and said "did you get me Risk??"
I yanked it back and threw the box across the room and dented the wall. Those poor foot soliders didnt stand a chance against the fury that is a ruined Christmas gift heave ho.
I screamed in no uncertain terms what he can do with his game of Risk and stomped off. I should have taken it back to the store, to teach him a lesson. So I dont even try anymore.
I might as well just toss it under the tree unwrapped. He already knows what it is.
i think last year was the first time he didnt guess. Maybe he is finally learning his lesson.

Or maybe he is tired of patching up holes in the wall.

Either way I am happy. no more shopping.
NOW I just have to wrap everything...but thats another rant for another day.
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